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Come and enjoy the excitement of the Show Dogs!

Amanda Everson will be judging the Working Dogs this year, which includes Cattle dogs, Kelpies and Collies Shelties Corgis.

Glen Wilshier will be judging the Non Sporting dogs including Poodles, Great Danes, Bulldogs, Dalmations and Siberian Huskies to name a few.

This year will also see a fantastic Dog Grooming Competition kicking off at 9am, Saturday.

Show Dogs Schedule

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Any enquiries you have for other information about the Show Dogs competition can be sent in the following form.

Dog Grooming Competition.

The Gold Coast Show Society will run a Dog Grooming competition live on the grounds of the South Port Show venue adjacent the Dog section and Southport Aquatic Centre.  It is a novelty grooming freestyle competition, inviting all and any professional groomers in the SEQ region.

Saturday 27 August 2020 in conjunction with, but separate entity from, the GC Show Society Conformation Dog show (run via Dogs Queensland processes). Competition commences 9;00 am.


  1. Freestyle defines as non-breed specific grooming.
  2. All grooming will be conducted on the venue site except for bathing, drying and combing out.
  3. Groomers will supply one dog which will be assessed prior to start of grooming, during grooming but most of all on the finished product.
  4. Groomers will not be allowed a second pair of hands assisting.
  5. Groomers will supply all equipment, tools and materials.
  6. Sprays and colour dyes are very much ALLOWED as it is a novelty event to engage the public.
  7. Groomers need to supply their own 3mX3m gazebo.
  8. Members of the public will be able to view the whole event but will not be allowed to enter your gazebo area at any time or assist .
  9. Groomers’ self promotion material is encouraged but must not extend past 50 cm outside of the grooming gazebo.
  10. The choice of breed is up to the groomer and does not have to be pedigree. Pedigree dogs are preferred to promote responsible breeding of dogs.
  11. Competition will commence at 9:00am and final judge’s announcements will occur 12;00 noon.
  12. Entry: This year is Free being the inaugural event.
  13. Prize: Sash and Cash prizes for:
    • First overall Novelty
    • Greatest change from starting condition.